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Mike McManus, President of Marriage Savers, is offering all five of his books at half price for the first time 
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Buy all Marriage Savers Books At Half Price!

Mike McManus, President of Marriage Savers, is offering all five of his books at half price for the first time. More than 100,000 copies of these book have sold at full price. They have helped couples build better marriages, avoid the temptation to live together, and saved more than 100,000 marriages from divorce.

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Marriage Savers: Helping Your Family and Friends Avoid Divorce,
by Mike McManus.

Based on extensive research on effective ways churches can intervene at various stages of the marital life cycle to help marriages go the distance. Marriage Savers is the book which inspired 10,000 pastors and priests to sign 230 Community Marriage Policies that have saved 100,000 marriages from divorce.

346 pages with Index and Appendix; Zondervan.

$15 NOW $7.50
Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers
by Mike & Harriet McManus

This book offers a strategy to reduce cohabitation – the greatest marriage killer - in the church and community. Over 40% of couples marrying today are living together. Couples think that by cohabiting they are testing the viability of their marriage. However, those who marry after living together are 50% more likely to divorce than those who remained apart until the wedding. Why? As one marriage educator put it, “You can’t practice permanence.” Another sad result: three-fourths of those who live together break up short of marriage. Result: the number of never-married Americans over age 25 has jumped nearly 5-fold from 8.7 million in 1970 to 41.3 million in 2015. If the same percentage of couples got married in 2015 as in 1970, there would have been 1.3 million more marriages annually - 3.5 million weddings, not 2.1 million.

Living Together is a book you should give to anyone you know who is cohabiting, or considering it.

$20 NOW $10
How to Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half
by Michael J. McManus

Why is America’s divorce rate triple that of Britain or France? Britain requires a 5 year delay for a contested divorce, and France, 6 years. U.S. “No Fault Divorce” requires a ZERO waiting period in half the states and only a few months delay in others, allowing no time for reconciliation. What’s needed is a minimum of a one year delay before a divorce is granted – and two years if the divorce is contested or if there are children. However, during this delay the couple should be allowed to continue living together – rather than being forced to move apart - to encourage them to reconcile.

$10 NOW $5.00
Insuring Marriage: 25 Proven Ways To Prevent Divorce
by Michael J. McManus

This book offers practical proven strategies to better prepare couples for marriage, enrich existing ones, save those in deep trouble, help the separated or divorced to reconcile and stepfamilies to be successful.

$10 NOW $5.00
50 Practical Ways to Take our Kids Back from the World
by Michael J. McManus

50 Practical Ways To Take Our Kids Back From the World offers proven, workable solutions for the toughest problems that kids face: Protect children from violence, porn, danger and substance abuse. It suggests how to teach kids Christian values such as a stand against premarital sex; how to improve or opt out of public schools; how to build future leaders and encourage selfless service.

$10 NOW $5.00
Marriage Savers- PREPARE/ENRICH Couple's Workbook (for premarital couples)
Click here for a sample.
How to Cut the Divorce Rate in Churches & Cities (18 minutes) $10 NOW $5.00
Marriage Savers on CBS Morning Show Video
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Marriage Savers 60-Min. Overview Video
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Marriage Mentoring Matters!
Train Mentor Couples the Marriage Savers Way!
"Why Sign a Community Marriage Policy?" $0.25
How Couples Benefit from Marriage $0.25
How Babies Benefit from Marriage $0.25
A Manual To Create a Marriage Savers® Congregation (REVISED)
Price Reduced from $50 to $25

183 pages, with 150 page Appendix. This is the definitive Manual by Mike McManus, a step-by-step guide to creating the best Mentor programs- premarital, mid-marriage, troubled marriage, separated couples and stepfamily ministries. See: "How to be Trained to Become a Marriage Savers Congregation"
"10 Great Dates" DVD and Workbook Set by Marriage Alive's David and Claudia Arp "Date weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For all ages and stages of marriage. For congregations, small groups, For mentors and the couples they are mentoring For you-have a fun date as you lead the program" Also available for Black & Hispanic Couples. $50
Below are resources for helping marriages in crisis.
Marriage 911, First Response:
by Joe & Michelle Williams: A self-guided course for the spouse who wants to save their marriage, (and their spouse does not)
Includes Workbook & Support Partner Workbook
Developing a Successful Stepfamily Ministry, by Rev. Dick Dunn: A step by step program for developing a ministry with Blending Families. Includes a Planning Team Cassette tape and a copy of Willing To Try Again - Steps Toward Blending a Family $38
Willing to Try Again - Steps Toward Blending a Family, by Rev. Dick Dunn: A book to help people with children from previous marriages learn how to create a good working family relationship. $14

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