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New Book

Living Together: Myths, Risks, & Answers

Mike & Harriet McManus co-authored a new book, Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers, published by Howard Books

From a Foreword to the book by Chuck Colson: "Mike and Harriet McManus have a proven record: they have prepared hundreds of couples for successful marriages and taught other "mentor couples" around the country to do the same. Their book is designed for pastors, parents and married mentors who are confronted with couples who think they'll be the glorious exception to the cohabitation statistics. Read this book, and share it with your friends. If enough of us follow its advice, the church can do much to help the country with the highest divorce rate in the world begin to heal America's divorce epidemic.

If you'd like to have a signed copy for $20 call 301 978-7105.

More Endorsements of Living Together; Myths, Risks & Answers by Mike & Harriet McManus:

Tony Perkins, President, Family Research Council: Mike and Harriet McManus are playing a key part in the restoration of marriage in America. They have teamed up with more than 10,000 clergy in over 200 cities to establish Community Marriage Policies. An independent study reports that in their first 122 communities, divorce rates fell 17.5% in seven years, with some plunging 50%, cohabitation rates dropped by a third and marriage rates are rising as a result of the Community Marriage Policies. Mike and Harriet are not only passionate, they are effective. I highly recommend you join with them in the mission to restore marriage in America.

George H. Gallup, Jr., Founding Chairman, The Gallup International Institute: Mike and Harriet McManus are doing their level best to alert Americans to the fact that cohabitation increases rather than decreases the likelihood of divorce. The authors, who have devoted their lives to the cause of marriage, have written a well-researched and practical book. It deserves close attention by young people and their parents, and by the Church, which has been largely silent on the matter. Living Together provides youth with the insights and tools needed to avoid what could be one of the costliest mistakes of their lives, and show them the path to happy and lasting marriage.

Richard Cizik, Vice President of the National Association of Evangelicals: "For too long church leaders have ignored cohabitation. This book is a wake up call, on the extent of the problem – with encouraging, proven answers. It is must -reading by every pastor and lay leader."

Claudia & David Arp – Founders, 10 Great Dates & authors of 10 Great Dates Before You Say “I Do.”: In this ground-breaking book, Mike and Harriet McManus dispel the myth that living together before marriage leads to “happy ever after” and give the secrets for making marriages succeed. No one is more qualified to help couples prepare for marriage. Based on their years of training over 4000 Mentor Couples and their personal 97% marriage-saving success rate in their own church, Mike and Harriet offer couples (as well as pastors and mentor couples who work with them) marriage insurance no one should ever live without!

David H. Olson, Ph.D. Founder of PREPARE/ENRICH, President of Life Innovations: "The message is clear... together is not a good way to prepare for marriage. Mike and Harriet McManus reveal the common myths about cohabitation that couples use to justify their decision. Premarital preparation can create stronger marriages and these programs include four key components: (1) a premarital inventory; (2) couple mentoring; (3) skill building on communication and conflict resolution; and (4) a strong spiritual relationship. To promote strong marriages, every community needs a Community Marriage Policy like they have championed. This book is a great resource for clergy, marriage educators and all who want to help build stronger marriages."