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 Marriage Savers at Preparing, Strengthening, and Restoring Marriages  
Marriage Savers: Building Stronger Communities One Marriage at Time.

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Brochures from Marriage Savers

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Babies Benefit from Marriage

While most couples sense that marriage would be a good thing for their child, they often don't know how to effectively prepare for a lasting relationship and insure that their marriage will last. This brochure provides tips to strengthen the relationship of unwed parents so that they might consider building a healthy marriage for themselves and their child. Marriage Savers proven answers include:

  • Taking a questionnaire to better understand your relationship
  • Benefit from a social worker or a trained mentor couple to help your relationship
  • Learn and practice skills to build and sustain a healthy relationship
Health, Wealth, Longer Life and Better SEX!

Living together seems like a good way to test the relationship, but studies show that nearly half break up. Those who marry after cohabiting are 50% more likely to divorce than those who never lived together. Marriage Savers has a better way to test the relationship. Take a questionnaire and discuss your relationship with a mentor couple. Learn practical skills to improve communication and problem solving. Of 288 couples who met with mentors in one church from 1992-2000, 53 decided not to marry. However, there were only seven divorces of those who did.

That's a 3% failure rate over a decade or a 97% success rate. That's marriage insurance!

Marriage Restoration Ministry

A Seminar for couples once in marital crisis to learn how to help other couples restore their relationships. Similar to the "step" plan of AA, Restoration Marriage Ministry gives couples in marital distress hope and a plan to heal their marriages, using the 17 Marriage Ministry Action Statements as a spiritual outline. 

Marriage Savers Overview

Marriage Savers, founded by Mike and Harriet McManus, has helped churches almost eliminate divorce and reduce divorce rates across entire metro areas by up to 63%.

Marriage Savers provides:

  • HELP to organize Community Marriage Policies
  • TRAINING for Mentors to create Marriage Savers Congregations
  • MATERIALS to enable leaders, lay couples and clergy to launch Marriage-Saving ministries.


Why Sign A Community Marriage Policy?

Why? Because every divorce is the destruction of a small civilization.

  • The marriage rate has plunged 50% since 1970;
  • Half of all new marriages end in divorce;
  • Divorces have tripled in recent years;

Impact: The institution of marriage is disintegrating.
Answer: Create a Community Marriage Policy where:

  • Clergy across denominational lines in a local community join together to sign a public covenant to make healthy marriages a high priority.
  • Recruit couples in solid marriages to be trained as Mentors
  • Train clergy and mentor couples