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Join us for certification training in the new "customized version" of the PREPARE-ENRICH inventory on Saturday, July 23, 2011.


A few testimonials:

"I want to jump on your list of cheerleaders for devising a way to certify PREPARE/ENRICH mentor couples with the Webinar technology."  - a pastor

" I am deeply appreciative of the efforts of both PREPARE/ENRICH and Marriage Savers to address the greatest issue (marriage) of our culture at this time."- a pastor

" Clear presentation. Glad we did not have to travel." - a mentor supervisor couple

(Liked) "new material on cohabitation and chastity." - a mentor supervisor couple 

Date:  Saturday, July 23

Register Now: $100 Deposit. Call 301 978-7105 

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 8.

Balance due for training & materials fees

Time: 10-5 EST (unless West Coasters participate).

Training Fee: $195 per church (for up to 4 couples). $45 per additional couple.

Training materials cost:  $115 for certification resources for each pastor/mentor supervisor couple; $35 per mentor couple (additional s&h fees for Alaska participants). $4.95 per couple for Workbook.

Summer training: 

Registration Deadline:


Mike McManus, President of Marriage Savers, has been a nationally syndicated columnist for 33 years and is author of five books on marriage, most recently: "Living Together: Myths, Risks & Answers" written with Harriet McManus and "How To Cut America's Divorce Rate in Half: A Strategy Every State Should Adopt," both of which were published in 2008. Mike and Harriet have personally mentored 61 premarital couples. One couple commented, "Going through the mentoring process with you gave both of us a confidence about the strength of our relationship and our ability to deal with various hurdles in marriage."

Train in PREPARE-ENRICH The Marriage Savers Way!

At the conclusion of the Webinar, Mentor Supervisors are certified to train Marriage Mentors in their home church, using the new P-E Resource Kit, which includes quality teaching DVDs by the creators of PREPARE- ENRICH, making future trainings easy. 

Already trained in PREPARE-ENRICH? Get "updated" in the new customized version.

Licensed professionals can earn 7 Continuing Education Credits with further study + a modest fee.

Already trained in another inventory? Consider PREPARE-ENRICH for 11 beneficial reasons:

1.      Customized: The online format automatically customizes itself to fit the unique stage and structure of each couple's relationship. Items asked of couples vary according to each couple by age, religion, whether pregnant, considering remarriage, etc. No other inventory is customized. For example, a couple who is 55+ years old would answer different assessment Items than a younger couple. Catholics will have Items on Natural Family Planning not asked of Baptists.  If it is a remarriage, partners will respond to different issues than a couple in a primary marriage. Customization makes PREPARE-ENRICH an outstanding inventory. After the assessment is taken online, results are emailed to the Pastor or  Lead Mentor Couple. Marriage Mentors can then target relationship issues couples have identified. Thus, it is tailored to each couple. 

  2.      Bargain Training Fee:  We charge only $195 per church, which includes training for up to four couples ($45 per each additional couple) plus materials. Because we are training multiple churches and have no travel costs, we can pass on the savings to you. The materials cost $115 for the pastor/mentor supervisor to be certified, which includes two DVDs for future trainings, a CD with letters of invitation, registration forms, etc, a Marriage Mentor Manual, a sample P-E Inventory, and a Marriage Savers-P-E Workbook with 30 exercises. Materials cost only $35 per mentor couple which includes the Marriage Mentor Manual and a sample inventory (Shipping costs included).  
3.      Mentor Focused:
Marriage Savers created the marriage mentoring concept and is experienced in teaching this strategy. We pioneered marriage mentoring in a local church in the 1990's. Mentor Couples that we trained prepared 288 couples for marriage. Of that number, 58 - a big 20% - decided not to marry. Of the 230 couples who did marry, there have been only 16 divorces that we know of.  That's a 7% failure rate or a 93% success rate over nearly two decades.  That's virtual marriage insurance!
4.      Certification:
One or more pastors or Mentor Supervisor Couples can be certified as PREPARE-ENRICH trainers in your congregation. P/E DVDs contain 12 teaching lessons and 12 exercises -  a comprehensive package which makes future trainings easy and inexpensive.  In our training we show four DVD exercises to give you a feel for their quality and usefulness.  
5.      Role Playing Opportunities: 
Through hands-on training using the P-E Mentor Manual and role-playing, you will practice mentoring and teaching skills. We recommend you recruit two, four or six couples, so that during role-playing one couple can be the mentorees, while the other couple plays the role of a Mentor Couple. 
6.      Unique Graphics.  The PREPARE-ENRICH Facilitator Report of an individual couple includes illustrative graphics of couple scores and a written description of their Strengths and Growth Areas for a dozen categories such as Relationship Roles, Spiritual Beliefs, Communications, Financial Management and Conflict Resolution.  

  7.      Sophisticated Yardsticks: Unlike other inventories, P-E uses a five-point scale, ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree, offering a more nuanced analysis than the typical three-point measures (Agree, Undecided, Disagree). Results of the assessment are clustered in helpful sub-categories: Positive Couple Agreement, Disagreement, Indecision, and Special Focus.  Also included is a summary of each partner's responses on every Item and a description of the couple's Strength and Growth Areas.

8.      PREPARE-ENRICH is  more sophisticated and comprehensive than other inventories.  Like other relational assessments, PREPARE-ENRICH measures whether the couple agrees or disagrees in such subject areas as Communication, Conflict Resolution and Financial Management.  Unlike competitive inventories, P/E offers four additional measures:

A. "SCOPE Personality Profile," the degree to which each partner is:

Social - extroverted or introverted
Change - open to change
Organized - conscientious or less organized
Pleasing - agreeable or forceful
Emotionally Steady - calm or reactive

B. Relationship Dynamics, has 4 yardsticks:

Assertiveness -  how each partner expresses their feelings and what they want in the relationship.
Self-Confidence - how good each partner feels about oneself and his/her ability to accomplish what they want in life. Avoidance - the tendency of each partner to minimize issues or their reluctance to deal with problems directly.
Partner Dominance - the degree to which one person feels controlled or dominated by their partner.

C. PREPARE/ENRICH also measures Stress, Satisfaction, Commitment, Abuse:

The Personal Stress each person is feeling and the issues causing that stress.
Satisfaction of both individuals and the couple.
Commitment of each partner to the relationship and how they think their partner feels about commitment.
Abuse and Substance Abuse is measured - physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse as well as substance abuse.
D.  PREPARE/ENRICH features unique Couple and Family Maps that measure Closeness and Flexibility:

Balancing Closeness and Flexibility is the key to couple and family health. For closeness, couples and families need to balance separateness vs. togetherness. For flexibility, couples and families need to balance stability vs. change.  
9.   New PREPARE/ENRICH -Marriage Savers Couple's Workbook offers 30 Exercises not available in other inventories. These Exercises are designed to help couples improve their communication, develop a budget, and learn conflict resolution skills. Marriage Savers offers additional exercises such as the Optional Premarital Sexual Covenant to encourage purity until marriage, and two Cohabitation Exercises designed to help such couples address risks of living together and encourage them to move apart until the wedding. To see its quality download a copy from our website  Click on Store, then Publications. ($4.95/copy)

10.     Faith-based Options: If a couple is Protestant, Catholic, or Jewish, P/E offers unique Items for them to discuss.  

11.     Couple Report: A new P/E feature - couples are given a special report of their relationship that they can keep and discuss.

Webinar conducted through During training your computer will be linked to ours. Our PowerPoint presentation will be projected onto your screen. We will train you via telephone. There will be Q & A opportunities throughout the workshop.

Can't make this Webinar? Our next training will be June 4. We can train in up to 16 sites simultaneously. 

To register, call 301 978-7105 with your credit card deposit of $100 to reserve your training slot.