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Welcome to Marriage Savers

Marriage Savers is a  Proven Way to Increase the Success of Marriage, Reduce Divorce Rates, and Provide a Better Environment for Children to Thrive.

STEP 1: We Help Establish Community Marriage Policy® (CMP) programs in cities and towns throughout the United States and Canada, in which pastors, priests and rabbis join together to strengthen marriages with the conscious goal of pushing down the community's divorce rate. WHY? So far, more than 200 cities and towns in 43 states have created Community Marriage Policies and divorce rates have fallen an average of 17.5%, and cohabitation by a third.

STEP 2: We Establish Marriage Savers Congregations in churches and synagogues throughout the United States and Canada, in which mentor couples are trained to help other couples prepare for a lifelong marriage, strengthen all existing ones, and restore troubled marriages. WHY? This strategy can virtually eliminate divorces in the local congregation.

STEP 3: We Enrich Existing Marriages and Restore Troubled Ones. Mike & Harriet McManus regularly conduct Marriage Enrichment Weekends on weekends at local churches. They also train "back-from-the-brink" couples who once considered divorce, to create a "Restoration Marriage Ministry." Click here to learn more.

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Mike and Harriet McManus: Click here for background and biographies.
Mike and Harriet McManus are the Co-Founders of Marriage Savers.
Click here for background and biographies.

TV Stories on Marriage Savers:

Marriage Savers Featured on the 700 Club.
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Marriage Savers 'Divorce-Proofing' Couples.
CBN News Feb 2010
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ABC News feature on a Community Marriage Policy.
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Christian Broadcasting Network Features Marriage Savers in KY:
Kentucky Profiting from Divorce-Proofing Marriages with Marriage Savers.

Proposed Louisiana Divorce Reform and Cohabitation Reform. CLICK HERE TO READ. Read "The State of Our Unions" by Mike McManus.
NEW! Dr. James Dobson interviews Mike McManus on Family Talk for two half hour shows on 1,100 radio stations to discuss how to cut a city’s divorce rate with a Community Marriage Policy & How to help unmarried couples who are living together: CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO EITHER DOBSON SHOW. Christian Broadcasting Network Features Marriage Savers in KY:
Kentucky Profiting from Divorce-Proofing Marriages with Marriage Savers. CLICK HERE TO READ AND WATCH.
10 Reasons to Oppose Same-Sex Marriage  - click here Mike McManus won a $1,000 Amy Writing Award given to “authors who apply biblical truth reinforced with scripture to issues that should concern every thoughtful and caring person.” See winning column.

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Mike McManus has outlined three ways to cut the divorce rate in half and raise the marriage rate in an article he has written for the Family in America Quarterly published in September 2011. Click here to read the article.

Overview of Marriage Savers

"Living Together" by Mike & Harriet McManus

Pollster George Barna Endorses "Living Together"

Read Press Release for This Book.

Read endorsements of Living Together: Myths, Risks, & Answers by George Gallup, Tony Perkins, Chuck Colson, Richard Cizik and others.


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Since 1986 and in more than 200 Cities Marriage Savers has helped couples:
Prepare for lifelong marriages
Strengthen existing marriages
Restore troubled marriages
1. Why is a Community Marriage Policy® needed?
2. What is a Community Marriage Policy®?
3. What does the community agree to?
4. What are the results of a Community Marriage Policy®?
5. What are others saying?
6. How do we start a Community Marriage Policy®?
7. What can we do today?
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